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By pagemaster1993
It would be cool to see a video of the folding process.
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By SuperSonic
Phenomenal work Sodajazz!
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By sodajazz
Book folding isn't that complicated really. Once you get going it is very theraputic :D
I tried to make this one pretty lol
My hallowen obsession keeps getting in the way...
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By vibhandaka
Those are so awesome!!! I didn't even know there was such a thing as Book Folding.
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By Raven
The Reaper is really cute! I want to try this again with a book that at least came from this century, take my time a bit more, and pay more attention to what I'm doing. Maybe I wont try again... . :P

Yours come out really fantastic!!
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By Euri
I can't even imagine how to begin doing that! It looks amazing! :o
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By Raven
mesmark wrote:
I showed them to my son and he's out to look for a book and start folding! :D :thumbsup:

See, this is my problem. Sodajazz is always "Look what I did!" and I'm always like "Oooh, I can do that!" and then I spend the rest of the day swearing and wondering why I though I could do it as well. :x

And, having tried folding one book I can tell you she is really good at this!! :thumbsup: