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I was just wondering if any one has seen any Christmas ornaments like the funkins and the Easter eggs. I haven't seen anything yet but I thought i would put the feelers out there on this. Also sorry Ryan if this is not the right section for this or if this has already been asked somewhere else.
Ooh. I like the glossy finish on them. Different than how the pumpkins are coated, clearly. Hopefully it stays on during the carving process. I'd like to see what the other colors are. This light color is nice, but to show a lit up design from within, darker colors would work even better. Surely there is a red.
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By St0ney
I'll call my contact tomorrow, and see if I can find out more info on them.
I went to 2 Micheal's and they didn't have them (Also I didn't carve the sample above) :D
Clearly a saw was used.

He sent me an email, Just to let people know these are out there in "Select" Micheal's stores

If the Gloss is anything like the Glitter "Pumpkin" Sample I carved and tested, than it's Fine.
BTW: The gold glitter Pumpkin I tested, Had the Glitter in the Coating, Even carving with a dremel, non of the glitter was off the kin or on the floor.
It's One with the Pumpkin. Those will be cool when they are released for sale.
I guess I should add an update on the 2014 Micheal's KIN (Were pretty much STUCK with the Stub Stem (This is a Micheal's Call)
They will not allow the company - to change the Shape of the KIN, But It will Glow now, and No Lines.

We are working on the Entire Fun-kin Line, and these will carve/and Glow- So much better than the Past Versions.
New Shapes are Also coming out for next season.
I hope I can find these at my Michael's. It would be cool to do on or two of the Christmas patterns up.
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By Raven
I went to my local Michaels yesterday hoping to find some of these, but no luck. They did have a lot of stuff in still in boxes in the isles, so there is still a slim chance they just haven't put them out yet. I will go back next week and check again. I usually make something for everyone each year and I would love to give them something like this. If they are not going to be in all stores they need to sell them online!
I'm going to try to get to mine tomorrow. Fingers crossed that they have them. Then fingers crossed again that I'm able to get one when I get paid.
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By chuckwagon
Man, these would be awesome with the grinch or zombie clause patterns!! I just finished my first attempt at an "ornakin" with a leftover medium gemmy that snow2alike inspired me to try after seeing the pics... These would be GREAT to have though!
I too tried my local Michaels. Not really expecting to have any luck, but it was worth a shot. I asked an employee (even showed her the photo example from this forum) but she just looked at me puzzled. She tried to bring me to the hollow glass ornaments and the solid foam ball ornaments. Both, of course, way too small and not designed for carving like a pumpkin.

Hopefully these do well in the test markets and get wider distribution next year.