Exploring the many uses of patterns for other craft projects.
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By Raven
Really nice!

I need to make some of these. The only reason I haven't yet is because it will only be my husband and I that see them and maybe the UPS delivery guy if he happens to arrive when it's dark, which doesn't happen too often.
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By staticfurball
These are so great to do because I never have enough pumpkins to do all the patterns I want. I like using colored tissue paper behind them so they all have a more unique look.
I haven’t made any windowkins in a few years, so I decided to make some new ones. I also am attempting to make some for my side yard that would be enclosed with some kind of flood light behind it. So far I’ve made Bicycle Girl, and plan to make the other Walking Dead zombies. I haven’t made the boxes they’ll be in yet so I don’t have and pictures. Unfortunately the Herman Munster photo doesn't do it justice. It looks pretty good in person.

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