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By Raven
If you have me on Facebook you have seen a few Halloween inspired nail designs from me. Last night I was trying to figure out what to do next when an idea struck, Zombie Pumpkin nails!! So far I only did two using the ZP logo and the Age mascot. I messed up on the logo by losing my "s" and "!" on the end, but all in all it turned out better than I expected.


If interested in how I did it I did a quick blog.
http://teriturnmire.blogspot.com/2012/1 ... nails.html
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By nosferatu
They look amazing. Brilliant idea and I never knew you had a blog. Off to browse. 8)
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By Raven
S.A.M wrote:Fantastic idea; they look so cool it almost makes me want to paint my nails :shock: ....

..Hmm no one would notice my toenails, would they? Shhh
You know if you painted your toenails for some reason you would have to show your feet, and all would see. :)

Last night my husband said I could paint circuit boards on his nails for Halloween.. :P
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By monstermash
Absolutely fabulous! Perfect nails for carving. They turned out really well. If I had those i'd be constantly thrusting my fingers into peoples faces. "Look! Look at my Zombie Nails!" Maybe I shouldn't copy you, I might get sectioned.
I did a similar thing a good few years ago for going to a music festival. Your way of doing it is much better though, I just printed out tiny little "T" signs ( for T in the Park) and stuck them on my nails and painted over them with clear varnish. Nowhere near as good as yours.
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By MooBoo
Brilliant idea, i have tried this method before but it didn't work for me but your explanation makes more sense, i may have to try this again. :D
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By Tkaraoke
Those are some impressive nails! :^)
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By pagemaster1993
Looks great. I have seen some amazing things done on fingernails, but this is probably the best so far.
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By SuperSonic
This is quite the idea! I like it, 'fraid I can't try it though :P
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By pagemaster1993
Zombie Pumpkins! wrote:Now that is awesome. Smallest ZP advertisement ever. I hope you walked around shoving your hand in everyone's face so they could see.
It is subliminal messaging.