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By quixotic
Oops, silly question I guess then GUS! :P where do you get them? I really want to try one!
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By matspud
and you are going to list them all on ebay for us to buy at some point in the near future aren't you GUS :D

Either that or you can store them in my attic while you move.
From a very nice lady in the USa, haven't spoken to her since my cat died (I know that sounds odd) ..but she's a cat person too & we're bound to talk "mogwai's"
They are very cheap but shipping internationally is costly (air freight always is), it needs to be a full box of say 6 to make it worthwhile.

So you needa good amount of cash, also airfreight isn't bump proof, you do get damage (though i've been pretty darn lucky in that respect.
By quixotic
Ah, customs always seem to have a field day with me when I buy internationally then Royal Mail like to slap on their own charges, I think i'll just stick with the real ones!
you have to get undre the radar, gifts & samples sort of thing, low value item MASSIVE box! .. :lol:
In other words a fine supplier & willing accomplice!
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By nosferatu
A belated hullo from me.

I've already exhausted all my Scottish stereotypes on yer other Scottish minions - mostly courtesy of Oor Willie and The Broons. Look forward to seeing your carvings .....if you have time to carve any between eating deep fried Mars bars that is.