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Aww no, not another ruddy Scot!


Seriously you'll be fine buying the pumpkin tools from Ryans shop, it's only ebay there is a knife ban on!

..& if in doubt get Ryan to put it down as a crafting / woodworking tool, that is in essence what it is, you will e amazed by its cutting ability, & incredibly durable, ..get 2 & another pack of saws.
you won't regret it, & a pumpkin gutter is simply stupendous at getting on with the job.
By quixotic
Yeah the ones in the supermarkets aren't that great at all, I just seen the ones in Morrisons and Tesco last year and they were tiny, I don't know if you can tell the size of the pumpkins in this picture, the back three but they were massive! it was my brothers first time growing them aswell, I especially likes the tall ones, they were great to carve with.

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By Dredge
I'm not quite as crazy as some of the other minions on here :wink:
Between my wife and I, we probably do 6 pumpkins or so.
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By SuperSonic
Nice job for a first time grower. Mine are to damned small the four of 'em. Two fit Undead Teds hands, the other two are useless, unless you carve three triangles and a crooked ass mouth :x
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By CombichristGirl
lol you could do just 3 triangle and make the zelda triforce :)
welcome to the board :) cant wait to see more pics :)
i had a total of 34 last year real and foam i carved 30 26 real i think. im a bit more nutty lol
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Hey Angela, welcome from the resident Patch Master. Glad to see your chatting already, the fun will only grow from here. Thanks for keeping the carving spirit alive in your country.
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By CorpseBride
Welcome, another minion arrives from across the pond :wink: Glad to have you here :D
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By matspud
If you just order one set and a gutter you should be OK with customs charge wise. There is no problem with them being blades.

I know I am going to regret this but I will suggest that you and Edinburghzombie visit Cairnie Fruit farm near Cupar in Fife for your pumpkins. John Laird has had a great patch there for a few years now. Not as cheap as supermarket ones but WAY bigger. Just leave some good ones for me please :wink:
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By Tkaraoke
Welcome to your new home away from home! :D
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By SaneInsideInsanity
welcome to the boards. Great craving keep it up
I did 25 kins last year....that number is going to be cut this year but i will make up for it eventually
By quixotic
Thanks for all the welcome posts :D hope you're all well.
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By purple1worm
Welcome to the patch! Those are cool carves! Look forward to seeing this year's!
By quixotic
Hey purple1worm! i'm looking forward to seeing everyones pumpkins this year in the photo section, I hope to be more creative this year with mines!
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By monstermash
Welcome tae the forums quixotic, Great to have another Scot on the boards (I'm Fife!) :D
Im sure you'll have a blast here. Like Matspud said, Cairnie Fruit Farms is a great place for massive kins. She told me about it last year and now i wouldn't get mine anywhere else.
Look forward to seeing more of your work. :)