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By Z-Unit
Meya wrote:Mad scientist!

I think my actual job title reads Medical Laboratory Scientist. Same thing.

heh, I just graduated in May with the same degree... been working as one since then.
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By biggbad808
Just started as a Morgue assistant, and enrolled in class for radiology.
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By hkzombie
biggbad808 wrote:Just started as a Morgue assistant, and enrolled in class for radiology.
wow! that is totally cool! i have a friend who works for a funeral home and at first she was a little freaked out the first week with moving the bodies around but now she is over it. it definetly beats a boring office job! haha :lol:
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By Donna Destruction
I work in a small law firm as a property paralegal and on weekends I sell candles for a friend at the local Farmer's Market. I also have a full time job as a mom. :D
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By Nikki
I myself work at a small Greek Restaurant as the Head Waitress/ Asst. Manager...

Yeah.. boring job Haha but it pays the bills..

I'm going to school to become a Professional 'Vampire'.. a Phlebotomist. :lol: Yes yes.. can you imagine me taking YOUR blood?
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By jen d.
I've been a photo lab technician since around 2000, but since the dawning of the digital age, photo labs are nearly a thing of the past.

I've been doing photography as a side job since before that. Live bands, portraits, and weddings - but only to pay the bills. I wouldn't wish wedding photography on my worst enemy. ;) For the past two years, I've been working inside of a professional photo studio doing family and child portraits.
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By suzika
I'm a freelance writer with my major focus being writing about body art/modification. Unfortunately, I have branched out to many other subjects to try and keep even a tiny income coming in. The economy has hurt a lot of freelancers.
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By Chewy
zombiepumpkins wrote: Going back in further time, I've also worked at a printing shop (processing film and plates).
What do you know... I'm a supply chain manager working for a company that makes the CTP imaging equipment & plates Ryan mentioned...

In my spare time I also coach my daughter's fastpitch team and am a lifeboat coxswain in the coast guard auxiliary.
By Majik67
I'm a cnc programmer/operator. Yeah I love my job! :shock: