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By Lala
BrookR1 wrote:Thanks for the warm welcome.

Lala, that's cool. I actually live in Eagle. The wife and I used to live right off of Harrison Blvd. for a few years and one of our favorite homes was the one with 100+ carved pumpkins lined up on the steps.

We went to Linder Farms over the weekend but didn't have time to get any pumpkins. I've already purchased 9 so far, mostly from Winco. We still have time...the Farmstead and Halloween Land are both on our list, as well as the scarecrow exhibit at the penitentiary.

You'll have to clue me in where all of the other good spots are!
I usually pick them up here and there - My friend owns Stonehenge produce on Fairview (kind of by 5 Mile) and they usually have good ones. I also wait until walmart makes them like $3 and buy them there (they come from The Berry Ranch in Meridian). We will go to the Farmstead on October 24th - I like to get white pumpkins there.
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By Cirrus
Hello! I once did time (errr... lived) in both Boise & Meridian. I still a bsolutely LOVE the Boise Downtown area and North End! Glad you found a neighborhood that truly appreciates Halloween :) Can't wait to see your carves.