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LookItsAlex wrote:I wanna join in on the fun! You'll notice some ZP's may have photobombed... :lol:

*Insert virgin jokes here* :roll:

I like your shirt, and the pumpkins, and that print on the wall. Does it actually light up or just look like it is?
Well I've posted some photos of myself on another post about HorrorHound, but here's a few photos of me having some Cross-Country fun with my team!

Me and my best friend Ryan, and a good friend Chloe.

And my 2 other best friends Rachel, Kyndall, and I.

My favorite Freshman!

And finally, a picture taken today. Obviously I'm in the Halloween spirit... :lol:
Ajax wrote:here is one of me my daughter and Anothony Field let"s see how many of you know who he is.
I recognized him from the Wiggles, not his name.

Wife took this of me and the boy at Disney this summer. That place is dialed in on treating kids right...


And yes my son's hat it Mickey's pants or as he told people "look my hat is Mickey's bottom!"