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By April May
ghostface wrote:
April May wrote:
ghostface wrote:Lana Del Rey!
How do you like Honeymoon?
I can't precisely describe what sort of dreamy, trance state befell me the other night when I christened the record, but I want more of it. The best yet.
Aaaaahh! A minion that loves Lana! :thumbsup: I LOVE Honeymoon. I feel like this album has the most of Lana's heart in it. So smoky, and enchanting. Art Deco, Freak, Music To Watch Boys To, and Terrence Loves You are highlights for me
Freak is ESSENTIAL and I'm sure your impending move to Cali adds some bias toward that song too. :thumbsup: That and the title track are my favorites right now.
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By SuperSonic
Welcome back!