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By billymaya
happy halloween everyone my names paul but everyone calls me billy :) been getting into the carving scene over the last couple of halloweens only taken designs from the yearly books you can by in the super markets but really enjoy creating something different, so thought id looking into some other designs and came across your web page and all i can say is wow you guys do some great work cant wait to have a go at some of your designs saddly ive carved mine this year but i might have a go at some water melons hope to learn lots from the forum and look forward to getting to know you all better

heres me and my daughter (im the one of the left lol ;)

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By matspud
Hi There and welcome to ZP. This year has been a good one for Brits joining in :D Its great that s many people over here are finally getting into pumpkin carving. :D

Just one question - how to you get Billy from Paul??????? :D
By billymaya
its a long story from my child hood was when i went on a school trip to wales some tents a few girls and the rest is history and a bit to rude for the forum lol and i much prefered the name billy rather than paul so billy stuck and paul faded into the back ground :)
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Welcome Billy. Never too late to join in the fun. If you already carved this year, you'll just have to come back, right?

And that orange suit... wow, never seen anything quite like that. :lol:
By billymaya
hi guys oh yes dont worry ill be here all year lol looks a fun forum so no worries about me dissapearing until next year :)

the suit is called a whosuit you can get them from ebay for about £24.99 theu come under different names to erm like morphsuit (which is on facebook) zantai suits and i think also root suits they come in all different colours and you can see through the hood of them they are great fun and reall attention grabbers

im actualy trying to win a comp on morphsuits facebook page at the momment with the photo ive posted above lol although im losing by 7 likes on my photo sniff sniff if any of you guys wouldnt mind helping a fellow pumpkin lol and its allowed on the forum ill post up a link to my photo on there and perhaps you guys wouldnt mind liking it :)

heres a shot of me and my step son entering into our local carnival


and lit up after dark

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By pagemaster1993
It's also know as a Morphsuit, yeah a few of my friends got them this year. Welcome to the Patch.
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By monstermash
Welcome to the patch. Happy Halloween!!!
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By nosferatu
Welcome. The future's bright, the future's orange.
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By paddy_babe
Welcome to the patch fellow uk minion :D
love the morphsuit! if you get a new one, stencil a ZP pattern onto it... defo good advertising!