Provide your feedback on the main site (besides the patterns).
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By nosferatu
I have also gambled on back projections working.
By Ajax
nosferatu wrote:As yet I don't have a pumpkin at all so am enjoying the achievements of others. :
You don't have a pumpkin yet???? :shock: Are you going to be able to get some? I had also bought some cigars, tiny metallic jumps suit, white wig, and dirty magazines(which I don't know the man but assume he is a pervert), for my Jimmy Saville pumpkin props :( .
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By mesmark
I have to admit, that for the past couple years I haven't really submitted to the galleries. I have been just taking the pitch-black photos of a glowing orange stencil. And, as Ryan said, there are a lot of those ...

Why don't we do our own cream of the crop on here? It could also serve to inspire people this year. Choose some of your best photos from the past and post them to this thread. Post any photos that you went out of the way to dress up.





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By Ajax
Good call, and those are some great pictures. I remember most of them. I like the Keifer picture with pumpkin and the incredibles is classic :D. The Cars image is my favorite though there so much depth to it. Here's one I did last year after Halloween that I like, but most of my older images i didn't put alot of effort into prop and pose wise anyways.


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By Zombie Pumpkins!
For those interested, all the photos from 2011 have been sorted and every eligible one has been added to the 2011 Pumpkin Carving Gallery.

Out of roughly 1300 submissions, a total of 946 made the final cut for 2011.

We can compare that quantity to previous years...

2010: 1,125 photos
2009: 1,158 photos
2008: 973 photos
2007: 664 photos
2006: 694 photos
2005: 553 photos
2004: 571 photos
2003: 201 photos
2002: 57 photos

When you add in costume photos (80), watermelon photos (31), and "beyond the pumpkins" photos (63), we have a total of....

7,116 gallery photos

Has anyone viewed them all? I know I have! :lol:
By Ajax
I've probably viewed them all over the years. My favorite place to see them is posted in the forum. It's amazing how quickly a pattern gets released and carved sometimes. I also like to discuss and comment on the images. The forum is jumping Ryan might be a good time to launch for 2012 :wink: . I may even do a water melon this year.
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By pagemaster1993
I also prefer to look at the carvings on the forum, but not every member posts them so you should look at the gallaries as well. I also want to carve a watermelon this year too, but there is a major problem. I can not find a watermelon around me that is big enough to carve on.
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By Raven
I always try to look through the gallery. Since not everyone posts on the forum you miss a lot of great carvings and pictures if you don't check out the gallery. There are some great props and decorations being used!
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By monstermash
I like a gander at the gallery, its good to see other peoples compositions. I would be lying if I said I viewed all 7,116. One day I will...
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By pagemaster1993
I actually have looked at every single picture. Not just the years I was here, but also the previous ones too. Took me many days to do that.
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By SuperSonic
I've seen all but the Water Melon carvings..... better hop on tha then :P
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By sloaner
I am going to have to step up my game if I plan on competing with Ajax and mesmark. I have a few ideas and props already set aside :wink: