Trading tips for dark displays and prop production.
The results are amazing as usual! :wink:
Love how the sign came out on the haunted house entrance, very nice, and the 2 ghosts on the side look amazing.
The photo spot turned out great too, I love the finishing touch with the bones and skulls on the ground, fantastic!
Can't wait to see more :wink:
Thanks everybody! This year was great. I didn't really do much (compared to previous years.) My wife really pulled her weight this year and we were able to put together a "new" look and party feel.

As promised, some more pictures:

Here is the stage picture with better lighting. For the party we turned off the room lights and just left those side lights on. There was one light right behind the big sign and it cast an awesome shadow with the draping fabric

and add ghosts

the pictures of us from the photo spot:



I've been editing the pictures of party goers. I'm adding ghosts here and there. Here are a couple:


Here's the group photo for this year:

these two girls weren't even at the party ... creepy

This year's new cookie was a stained glass pumpkin. We also had a graveyard cupcake and ghost chips to match the theme.



Some other cool pictures:

my oldest daughter and I

Is this your baby?

Trying to get people's attention and say something

Eyeballs, anyone? Step right up and be served ... ::evil laughter::

A little lunch shopping before the party. Just your average Sunday in Japan.
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I'll mop floors, i'll gut pumpkins, i'll clear up, i'll wash up, i'll do anything just let me come to your party next year!!! Actually, I say party but I'd love to be there making all your walls and signs with you. Every year you top yourself with new designs. The skulls come to life with those teeth and shading around the eyes. Gang of real cool characters right there.
Thank you so much Mark for sharing your work with us all. And thanks in advance for sharing the cookies... :wink: :wink: :wink: :love:
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By mesmark
monstermash wrote:
Sun Nov 05, 2017 10:17 am
I'll mop floors, i'll gut pumpkins, i'll clear up, i'll wash up, i'll do anything just let me come to your party next year!!! ...
You are of course, always invited. I'll set you up with an under-the-table English teaching gig and you can stay for a couple months! 8)

Thanks for all of the nice comments. This is such a fun place to share our Halloween and I'm constantly inspired by your comments and by everyone else's Halloween efforts.

I finally loaded a couple haunted house walk-through videos. I took one with the lights off but my video camera battery light was blinking and I got nervous about not getting the whole things, so I sort of ran through too quickly. here it is:

A friend of mine took a video with the lights on. With the lights on, it definitely loses something but you can see all of the stuff, so it was nice of him to do that.

Now I just have to put together the post for my school homepage and start thinking about next year's party :pirate: