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By April May
I typically do a flat makeup job each year, but do it up in a slightly cartoonish/illustrated way that makes it subtly three dimensional. Here is last year's demon (which is also in my avatar) lurking in the woods:


I decided to do something different this year. This was my first time using prosthetics. My goal was to create a super realistic goblin.


I applied the prosthetics using spirit gum and then blended the edges to my skin using non-tack pros aide. I created a base color that was just a touch more greenish and pale than a human's skin tone and painted it on to my entire face, ears, and neck. Then, I used regular old grease paint to add shadow depth, splotches, and highlights. The finishing touch was spirit gumming some of my cat's fur on to the eyebrows. :lol:

I was happy with the outcome and everything held up well for 12 hours of wear. :thumbsup:

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