Seek hosting tips and afterward rehash your monster bash.
YES! It's our first Halloween party in the new house! Yippee!

I will post my invite as soon as I'm done with it, but I "Pre-invited" people on Facebook. After I sent all of the invites, I realized I invited over 100 people (not counting their spouse/date!) whoops. Well, maybe like 25 will come! haha.


Kalua Pork (shredded pork - Hawaiian dish) - We'll be calling it "Shredded Flesh" haha - with rice and fried rice.
Meat balls
Hot wings
Veggie tray
Chips and guacamole (so I can do a barfing pumpkin, of course...!)

Jell-o shots

Red velvet cupcakes
pumpkin pie cupcakes

More to come soon!
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I saw some super cool stuff come thru pinterest for recipes, I have some pinned to my board. Your menu looks good!
Invite: I saw it on Pinterest, then hunted down the source. They do sell the template (kinda, they put in your info and send you a file) but I made my own. Here's the website: ... ation.html" onclick=";return false;

and here's ours:


In case anyone ever needs a blank Ouija board

hahahaha time management.

Okay. I just realized I'm going to have include directions/map, parking instructions and the very important info that no little ghouls or goblins are allowed!
Well, right now the guest count is at 12 people...and that counts us and my parents :?

I bought some party supplies today too, just Dollar Tree.

I finally get to decorate on thursday so I w ill post some photos of that too.
We didn't do a Ouija board at the party. The party actually kind of sucked since only 10 people came and invited 100. And people brought kids because they didn't read the invite and 2 people brought infants.