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By nosferatu
Halloween to us is essentially a sport. Something we invented but subsequently became lousy at over the years. Tennis, football, cricket, all our gifts to the sporting world and we are failures at them all. Rugby being the latest addition. Our final hope resting with the Scots who yet again valiantly snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.
Still, I forgive them . They make Irn Bru which is made from girders.
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By Kayo
no it was stolen by the british church whom turned it into a feast day from the gaelic festival samhain. than they killed all the celts so no one could argue. cultural genocide is fun kill entire populations take parts of their religion.
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By S.A.M
I've found through friends that the further South you go the less chance they experienced Halloween as youngsters, not so much South just region by region I suppose. Here Oop North it's always been a thing for as long as I can remember.

I've carved sugar beat and turnips as a kid in place of pumpkins :lol: When I moved up to pumpkins, still as a kid, I felt all superior to my next door neighbour; his Dad always got him a turnip! I'd have this great big pumpkin, kitchen knife grinning jack, poorly gutted and weighing a ton! I'd insist on taking it out trick or treating with me, the warming smell of a candle roasted pumpkin wafting up through the chimney, the flickering candle light casting an orangey glow, gently warming my cold hands....yeah I'd get as far as the garden gate before my big Sister would have to carry it :lol: She hated it :witch:
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By matspud
BrookR1 wrote:This makes me want to try carving a turnip. Does ZP have any turnip patterns? :D
Good luck "gutting" it :-) Probably not as bad as it used to be with all the pumpkin scoops/gutters out there - easier than a spoon. And no cheating by boiling the turnip first :D
BrookR1 wrote:This makes me want to try carving a turnip. Does ZP have any turnip patterns? :D
I actually did a report in Jr. High School about the origins of the Jack-O'-Lantern, and carved several vegetables and gourds, including a turnip for it. :D
Zombie Pumpkins! wrote:I've never carved a turnip. :? Some of you have more credibility than I.

Although I have carved a sweet potato, butternut squash, watermelon, lemon, banana, carrot and grape!
A grape! :o Now that's incredible.
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By amandap80
I watched a neat documentary on Halloween recently, it was on the History Channel a few years ago and I bought it on DVD. That Church of England, always up to shenanigans. I want to carve a turnip too! I think he may just get a face though. :lol: