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By Ajax
:cry: I weep for them. I have a feeling we have a group or duo on the way soon. Maybe back to the future? Batman vs super man? Predator mask and unmasked. Michonne and zombie or zombies. Something big is coming.
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By nosferatu
Ajax wrote::cry: . Something big is coming.
Could be!
Who knows?
There's something due any day
I will know right away
Soon as it shows........
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By shaft28
Actually I love those, we always do a healthy mix of ZP patterns and some good old fashions free hand jack o lanterns. But yes, think we're all waiting for the flood gates to open...pattern madness!
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By mesmark
These were 5 pumpkins on the edge. If I didn't cut them that day or the next, they'd have to go straight to the compost pile. I had a little over an hour before work and just started hacking away. I was able to cut out or cut around the rotten sections. After I finished, I didn't feel to bad about them. It is nice to have a couple classic jacks in the season.

But, Ryan, bring the storm!

By Ajax
I lost one of my 9$ massive big stemmed Kins yesterday thankfully I bought 6 but with two babies it's near impossible to carve on the fly. I would have loved to have put a massive pattern on it.
I hope we get something here soon. No patterns in 4 days, still no new site, and what seems like less forum traffic than in the past. Oh, and only two weeks until Halloween! I need some excitement, I need to figure out what I want to carve this year, I need something, anything!

Last year at this point of the season there had been 9 patterns released, in addition to the VIPS. This year we've only gotten 5, plus the VIPs, and it's already the 16th of October! I sure hope the flood gates open soon!
By Ajax
Well there are atleast 6 more VIPs left to look forward to if nothing else.
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By shaft28
I'm sure Ryan is working on the issues he's having with the site and we'll be knee deep in the goods soon enough. That or a werewolf ate him on his way home from work. City is rife with them this year.