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By paddy_babe
S.A.M wrote:
nosferatu wrote:It's not the not being invited which is the cruel Freddy Krueger slashing of my heart, no, what really drives a stake through my heart with a 20 pound sledgehammer, is the fact that the Scots have been out buying proper pumpkins. not even Asda ones, proper kins! So much for the referendum result, independence has been declared, it's every carver for themselves!
:lol: :lol: :lol:
Yeah meanwhile the rest of us UK minions are like:

I very nearly spat out my coffee :lol:

We could all meet up on a chat room, has anyone ever heard of Paltalk? (does it still exist?) that had cam, mic and text chat. We could make a minion room?
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By monstermash
S.A.M wrote::shock: £60!! Blimey lass, I think I'd have fainted at that! In fact I'm getting palpitations at the thought :lol: Although they are rather nice pumpkins, the tall ones are not so numerous around these parts!
TBH I think I've been spoilt by the low prices here; I got 12 pumpkins for £20! A mix of £2 per large kin (whoppers, heaviest I have is 11kg) + £1.50 for the 'small' ones which are stupidly big for small. Have you seen what the supermarkets are selling for £2? They're not much bigger than a turnip!

Listen, don't repeat what ive told you here! :wink: I know its crazy stupid but we've no choice. When I got mine in England they were £2 each but I'm not going to drive there just for pumpkins. As far as I know I've never came across another place in Scotland that sells decent sized ones. Cupar is just under an hour away from me to so its more convenient. Remember us Scots have got bags of money, £60 on things that will soon rot away to nothing is pennies :wink: :wink: :P :lol: :cry: And I got the lovely Matspud for free with mine so i'm more than willing to pay that little bit extra. :thumbsup:
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By Raven
zombombie wrote:I met monstermash today! It was great to finally meet! 10/10.
LOL! You are giving ratings? We will meet one day, and I better score at least an 11/10! :P

Very cool some of us have the chance to meet each other. I wish y'all would post more pics though! :wink:
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By nosferatu
zombombie wrote:I met monstermash today! It was great to finally meet! 10/10.
Sorry I couldn't make it. Problems with the trains. That and the not being invited.

ha! Hope you had a great day
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By monstermash
10/10 :thumbsup: Zomb, you passed the test, you may attend the next human sacrifice. I'm keeping the skeleton though, sorry :wink:

Nos! You didn't get my invite!? Damn that owl! I need to stop feeding it gin soaked mice before I send it out with my post.
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By matspud
I had a great day MM and Zom. 9/10 :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
BTW, I was right - Zom could handle us both :P

Nos , you will definitely be invited to the next outing.
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By monstermash
matspud wrote:
Nos , you will definitely be invited to the next outing.

Only if you'll partake in a good old gossip with us. Oh!, what gossip! Such terrible, terrible gossip :lol: