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By mudd
everywhere i look now i see pumpkins for sale. in the traditional/obvious places such as walmart or vons(any grocery store basically). but i actually saw pumpkins for sale at a local 7-11. this is the first time ive seen pumpkins sold at a 7-11. speaking of 7-11, any one out there try one of thier pumpkin donuts ? i thought it was okay, not great like pumpkin bread, but a decent snack to go with your coffee.
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By Raven
We don't have 7-11 here, which I think is weird. They always seemed to be a store that was everywhere.

I've heard on the news that this year was a great year for pumpkin crops, yet it seems all we have here are smaller and more expensive 'kins than years past. I do see a lot of them everywhere though.

As for pumpkin donuts.. YUM! I've seen Krispy Kreme ones in the store, pumpkin spice flavored and they have pumpkin decorated ones at their stores. I'm betting Dunkin is doing something similar. I've had a few pumpkin spice lattes and pumpkin spice Oreo's, but no donuts yet.