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I'm running out of my old howler lights with only a few unopened blister packs left...

I anticipate putting in a speculative order for NEXT season, to the morphing firm with the morphing lights :roll: which as I recall would need to be paid for & then shipped for july or earlier.

The latest incarnation is a "does-it-all" variation (amongst others) IE, strobe, flicker, colour change modes in one package.

IF you are after some let me know,unit price will be based upon 2016 prices at time of ordering & shipping to uk.

I anticipate having to order a few hundred as have done previously (120 per export box if memory serves).
Early contact is essential, as would be a contact phone number, the rest could be done via messaging here, though multiple contacts are needed for the low season when many of you may not check your mail.

I would not be doing a last minute send in season as i'm pretty busy with other projects, but will happily bolt folk on with a "to the uk price" which could be then posted out thereafter, therefore this would not be a case of "I need em in october so keep hold of them" ..I don't have the resources to hang that long (sorry)

Lots of my oldest howlers still work, based on silicone surrounds I made to ensure elevation & proofing from liquid ingression, however my flicker lights suffered at the hands of someone else & I miss them!

Contact me via messages with your details & I can give you costings nearer the time, packaged / unpackaged weights for you ro decide how you'd like em sent to shave grammage off packages for inter uk despatch.
If numbers are decent I will order an extra box beyond my own use.

Payment would need to be at time of confirmed order to spread the load, customs costs etc borne collectively based on order size etc, if applicable.

Whilst I use larger led lighting the howlers were / are a one size fits all that we know work well, so to gauge interest let me know what you anticipate needing for a one off purchase & i'll see if anything can be put in place with the parent company.