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By Minionette
Who does everyone else use for image uploading for the forum? I was using tiny pic but just had some major phishing stuff pop up. Looking for something a little more trustworthy..... :shock: :?
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By Lala
I use photobucket as well. It's easy.
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By mesmark
I have used FaceBook in the past, but the problem with that is that they change the photo servers from time to time. So, all of your images will go dark in a year or two.

I have my own sites and blogs. I usually just upload the pictures to those, as I know the URLs will stay the same.

PhotBucket seems like one of the better and more reliable image upload options.

Would be cool if Ryan added an image upload feature for members with 15 or 25+ posts. But it is, in the end, one more thing for him to manage and monitor.
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By Raven
I used to use our own server, but then for some reason my pictures stopped showing up so I switched to Tinypic. I'll have to try again with my server.
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
mesmark is right, linking to photos on Facebook probably isn't the best practice, because they sometimes change the path to the file and then your pics won't show up here anymore.

I wish I could allow image uploading directly to the forum, but it wouldn't work. This site is stored on multiple cloud servers. So if you uploaded photos directly to one cloud server, they wouldn't be in the same place when you come back to the site and view from an other cloud server. In other words, the image links would eventually break, like the Facebook ones do.

I've always had my own website with host server (since 1997 or so), so I don't have experience with the free image hosting services. I should narrow down the best one to recommend and make a tutorial video to help people out.
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By Minionette
Thanks for the input! I do most things from my phone or tablet these days. It just seems to be quicker. So I'm thinking that I may try photo bucket next!! Thank you all for the input! I'm sure I'll have questions about it along the way!