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Okay friends, we are to 17 people signed up! I will be closing it on the 14th and sending out matches bright and early on the 15th. If you've already signed up, great!

I think this is going to be a great year for the swap - we're awesome!
We have an even number of people wanting to do it - not sure if I should just do the matches now - I don't know if anyone is holding out until the last day to sign up?
I'd say do it. Close it up and make the matches. Having a bigger number of people just means more for you to manage.

If there are any people who want to do it after the matches are made, maybe they can set up their own private swap. Or start a second round if there are quite a few people.
Matches have been made. It was a bit of a shuffle since some people would prefer not to do international (and that's okay! :arrowhead: ) I am sending them out in a few moments.
Some of the matches were sent out last night, but there was a snafu (quite funny, actually) so I need to do some work on the list and send the rest tonight!
okay, everyone - all 18 of us! - should have their partner by now. If you did not get your PM, please let me know. It was harder than I thought :-) but still fun.

So excited to finish up my shopping!! yay! :thumbsup:
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