Pumpkin promoters and gourd groupies provide reports from the field.
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By chuckwagon
I checked off my tattoo requirement a few years ago by getting "The Face of the Minions" on my chest, but more recently I was lucky enough to gain the interest of a local reporter for NBC's online media platform, and she came to my house and did a small piece on my carving hobby, and with the blessing of our beloved Patch master, I showed many of my ZP! foamies and talked about our wonderful community and forum... Of course, I wore my long sleeve ZP! shirt and, named dropped the site, and mentioned a couple of you guys from near and far during the video interview. I really wanted to mention specific names, but didn't know how kosher that was. LoL, sorry mesmark. You will forever be the "guy in Japan" now. We chatted about ZP! a while, and she linked the website in her article. It was all very cool, and I'm so glad I could share ZP! and the joy (or.. horror? MUAH HA HA :)= ) of carving with any and all who came across the article and video.

Here's the link... http://www.wcnc.com/news/features/its-a ... /493326346
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