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By Chewy
So, ive used photobucket to host images to post in here for some time. I guess i havent done enough of it lately because its been a while since ive used photobucket - and am none too happy about being assaulted with ads and upgrade offers. So, i went looking for an alternative.

Turns out, one drive, which, comes included with an O365 subscription (or might even be free) allows you to generate a URL to embed images in posts. Ive found its relatively easy to do, right click in one drive, select "embed", copy the URL and paste in here in between the IMG []'s...

This fine example of me dressed as a christmas tree (to inspire my team at work for an upcoming christmas tree decorating contest last year) is my demonstration. And, now, im way happier to have found an easier way to do this (at least for me).



Thanks for the image hosting tip, chewy. Good idea. I really need to make a tutorial for how to host and post images. But I'm never sure which is the best way, because I always upload to my own web server (which is where you are reading this now).

Haha, nice Christmas tree outfit. How can people not be in the Christmas spirit after seeing that?! :lol: