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I'm not able to get into this particular section of the forums... It's blocking me out for "unauthorized access"... Am I the only one experiencing this?

**EDIT** WHAT THE DEUCE... I just realized that the "personal introduction and updates" section is totally gone, and to be honest, I can't recall the shop and site sections always being separate before... Ryan must be up to some pre-Halloween tricks to further do some awesome-ization on the freaky forums! :phantom:

**EDIT AGAIN** DOUBLE DEUCE!... Just noticed the personal section at the very bottom of the forum... It's like playing a carnival game trying to figure out just what the heck is going here... I feel like i'm trapped in a house of mirrors after 8 shots of whiskey.

**FRIGGIN" EDIT** That's it... I give up... Things are moving around here a lot right now, and I can't keep up. I'll be back tomorrow after the dust settles. :lol:
Haha, sorry about that. You caught me in the middle of shifting a few things around.

I split the site and shop comments/suggestions forums into separate areas. So there are now separate areas to talk about the patterns, the shop, the forum, or the site in general. These are all under the ZOMBIE PUMPKINS SITE heading.

Also split off a Birthday Greetings section from the Personal Life & Introductions area. These are now under the ZOMBIE PUMPKINS COMMUNITY heading.

All this left the General Spooky Discussion area the odd man out, so that got moved up top under the GENERAL SPOOKY DISCUSSION heading. A place to drop a topic if you don't know where else to put it.

Everything else should be as you know it, but maybe with a couple slight rewordings here and there. Chuck, you ran into a permissions issue, but I think I have all the proper permissions set for every area now.

Hope the organization is for the best and not too disruptive to habits. :D