Request a pumpkin pattern or critique the current collection.
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By SaneInsideInsanity
I loved Peter Jackson's King Kong, I don't care what anybody says! Though my thing for Adrien Brody helps I think...ever since Summer of Sam....

But anyway I think King Kong would be awesome, even the original.

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By St0ney
Very Cool Pattern !

Being an Animal Activist, King Kong always pulled at my heart strings,
He Spends his entire Life in his own habitat, then here comes "MAN" and a short time Later, he's laying Dead in the Streets of New York..
(Oops Spoiler Alert ) - LOL

It was beauty that killed the beast !

Hmmmm, I'm Pretty Sure, it was those Damn Planes Shooting at him :lol:

By Ajax
Amazing, wish all my left over pumpkins had not rotted. Although i think im going to need a pretty big pumpkin for this one. Since your doing the movie monster of the week how about sharpening your claws on a wolverine pattern. :D :D

Hey Stoney Lorie dies and it's Shanes Kid and if they die they turn into zombies even if there not bitten. Thanks for ruining King Kong for me it was on my to do list way to soon