Request a pumpkin pattern or critique the current collection.
The people have spoken! The link to the VIP pattern page has been restored on the main pattern page. It's currently the 4th one, after Heroic Headliners, before Burton's Nightmares. I have also unearthed some popular VIP patterns from previous years, and I will be adding more for 2016. There are currently 16 patterns classified as VIP.

I'll explain more in a bit. I want to prepare the new VIP files!
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By Lala
mesmark wrote:Ryan - Thanks for the update! :thumbsup:

I don't think people are worried or question Ryan's dedication. At least for my case, I'm just wondering out loud and trying to keep or spark conversation. It's fun to postulate why things are a certain way or to just guess at what might come.

On that note, there are now more than 10 VIP patterns. Some older ones have shown up. The people who requested older VIPs to be released might just get a nice Halloween present this year :)=
A very nice Halloween present indeed!!
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
mesmark wrote:It also could be that currently there are 15 categories which fit nicely In a 3x5 pattern. Adding a VIP category would add an additional line with just one category. It's very possible that Ryan may not one that one dangling category. :pale:
Not a primary factor for why I didn't have a VIP link on the new site at first, but my OCD nature certainly noticed that odd category dangling at the bottom. :lol: Of course, this is only an issue on wider screens when there are 3 columns. At smaller resolutions the page switches to 2 columns, at which point there's an even balanced amount again. I guess I can only have it one way or another. Hahah.
mesmark wrote:I don't think people are worried or question Ryan's dedication. At least for my case, I'm just wondering out loud and trying to keep or spark conversation. It's fun to postulate why things are a certain way or to just guess at what might come.
Oh yeah, absolutely. I appreciate when you guys ask questions, postulate explanations, offer suggestions... it gets the discussion flowing and provides me with helpful insight. Even though I can't reply to everything right away, I see and use your feedback.

So here's a little more clarification on the VIP Patterns...

The "missing" VIP page:

I had a thought to mix the VIPs in among their related categories. For example, Twisty the clown is from a TV show, so he could be with the Television Terrors, and his VIP restriction could be shown with a "VIP" star badge. And if the VIP patterns were on these other pages, I wondered - did they also need to be on their own VIP category page?

Initially this new version of the site didn't have a dedicated "VIP Patterns" link on the main pattern page. But I soon realized this was a mistake because people couldn't easily find them, and at worst, thought the VIPs were removed entirely. I get it now, the VIPs should have an easily accessible page of their own. Those with the Monster VIP membership will want to keep track of the newest VIPS, and those considering that level of membership will want to see a quick reference list of what they'll get. So this page has been restored.

The return of some old VIPs:

For the past few years we've been in the routine of getting 10 new VIP patterns each year, and then all 10 are retired the following year. The problem is - with the pressure to make 10 new VIPs (which equal 1/3 of the Halloween season output) not every design is super duper special. But also, some are might be super awesome, so it's a shame to have to retire them. So I'm thinking of going with a new approach...

What you see on the page right now are the top 2-3 VIPs from each year. My plan (generally) is to release a few new VIPs each Halloween season, while also moving a few of the older, less-popular ones into the main collection. This way, patterns won't have to be removed from the site when they are "retired" and the VIP section will continually evolve to be whatever is the most popular and special.

This means that going forward, there will be less frustration from visitors about missing out on a pattern that got retired, and also no complaints about not being able to see secret hidden VIPs. And also it means less sad regret for me, to work hard on 10 cool patterns, only to have to remove them. The new approach might be a slight adjustment, but I'm hoping this is a win-win for everyone. At the moment, the response seems good... people are finding the VIP page easily, and enjoying the chance to get some desired patterns they missed out on in the past. And more are coming too!
I do like this new approach! Though it kind of removes that exclusivity from before.

Despite all of that. This is a fantastic new direction. But from what I gather from this, and correct me if I'm wrong. You would remove patterns from the V.I.P. section permanently if they did not get a good enough response. Those that had good response would be moved into the main section of the site. And those with fantastic response would be left alone in the section for good?
Ryan, you are so awesome! I missed out on a lot of VIP patterns and I'm happy we get the chance to get some of them. I was thinking of requesting the Hitchhiking Ghosts but thought it wouldn't be a popular enough request to get made, just to find out they were VIP patterns I missed out on. To say I was excited to see them is an understatement. I'm really excited about this new approach and can't wait to see what comes next.