Request a pumpkin pattern or critique the current collection.
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By The Carver
I've often thought that this would make a good pattern! I know the history behind these masks, but every time I see one it reminds me of the weird fetish/masquerade party that Tom Cruise sneaked into in the movie "Eyes Wide Shut". I think he wore one of these masks in that movie.
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A proper plague mask I think has been mentioned in the past when it cropped up in conversation, however the ones listed as examples are way off the mark of the originals & have morphed simply into bird masks, a bit like a story morphing with multiple tellings.

The original format of the "gas mask" & hazmat suit of sorts as this was is spookier & whilst it doesn't need to be more historically accurate it is certainly creepy.
(sadly it probably spread more disease than helped, but we'll never know unless it's recreated for lab & historical purposes)

otherwise it might get confused for the mad classic spy vs spy.

There are plenty of steam punk & fetish wear versions about, so lots of pics proliferate.

the mask in modern form on it's own probably easier to make distinctive. ... k=IDeNrUvt

In reality it would be a head to toe covering outfit, with no skin visible, all senses restricted including hearing, part of what the cane was for, pointing, rapping poking instructions in a muffled form to the remaining members of an infected household (etc)

Leather breeches to protect the wearer from disease around the lymph nodes etc, leather used as it was thick, possibly coated with fat as a liquid repelling barrier between the wearer & fluids or arising from more primitive perceptions as to disease control