Request a pumpkin pattern or critique the current collection.
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By Raven
BigScience wrote:Lovin #7! Can someone explain 6 to me?
Scary evil teddy bear? It would go good with Annabelle. (I know, I'm totally giving away the patterns...but they are in the newsletter so I just decided it was ok.) Anyway, what I thought of was Grizzly Teddy in Demonic Toys or Quiet Room Bears..
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By ghostface
YES!! Still haven't seen this one, but have been totally in love with the design of these since I first layed eyes on them. Only 2 VIPs left!
By Ajax
Bring on ash why the long face and Rod Serling :wink: like # 8 but haven't seen it yet and only have 2 pumpkins unaccounted for.
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By matspud
zombombie wrote:8 is hilarious and adorable. Never seen it though...
Zom, you have to see this movie - it's fantatsic. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

This is a MUST carve for me . Would love a certain girl and boy ( human) to go with it :-)
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By pagemaster1993
Never seen it, but it's alright. Would prefer something from another movie that just came out.
Book Of Life
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
SuperSonic wrote:Can anyone PM me as to the relation between the patterns that V.I.P. 6 relates to? Not quite sure I can figure out why those particular patterns go with V.I.P. 6
#5 and #6 are just both creepy looking toys, that's the main connection.
Ajax wrote:There both awesome, is #6 a unique creation or based off something?
Not anything famous, but #6 is based on a real teddy I have. Often we look for props that go with our carvings. This was a case of finding the prop first, and working backwards. :lol:
matspud wrote:Like 7 but he needs some friends :-) His boss would be good :-)
You knew where I was heading. And you got what you asked for.
zombombie wrote:8 is hilarious and adorable. Never seen it though...

Shame that more people haven't seen this movie yet. Quite good!
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By nosferatu
The VIP's are stunning this year. Number 8 is a definite carve. Loved the film. Is this the strongest year for VIP's? I would say so. Overall, 2014 is outstanding. The group carves, Ghostbusters & Frozen are amazing and I should imagine they will prove very popular. TWD and zombie patterns will be cavred to excess too. And still two patterns to go!
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