Request a pumpkin pattern or critique the current collection.
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Raven wrote:I know you just released 4 patterns in one day...but I think we need a new VIP pattern. NOW! :P (No rush, really, but do it now, if you want, you need to, it's been too long, but don't feel pressured or anything, just go ahead and put up the next one, today.)
Okay. :thumbsup: You asked for it "today" and while it's technically now "tomorrow" I never slept so it's still my "today." :wink:
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By amandap80
YIKES. Terrifying. Love them both!!!!
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By Raven
Hmm... should I try that again? I think we need a new VIP pattern. I mean, it's only been hours since the last TWO came out. :P

And they are both awesome! My mind is already working on how I would stage them if I carve them or if I should wait and see what the rest of the VIP's will be. Such hard choices! :wink:
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By ghostface
Ok.. I think I will probably have to carve both of these.. My friend really enjoyed #5, so I'll probably carve that for her, and #6 just leaves me speechless! One of my favorite VIPs so far this year!!! (Right next to #4.)
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By monstermash
Ooooh 5 and 6 would make a nice combo even though they aren't connected in real life. I'm conjuring up some creepy settings for those two to be photographed in. :twisted: :thumbsup:
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By SuperSonic
Can anyone PM me as to the relation between the patterns that V.I.P. 6 relates to? Not quite sure I can figure out why those particular patterns go with V.I.P. 6

Either way. I MAY have been upset in my way of picking patterns this season. Ryan. You have brought your "A" Game again this year. And your not quite finished from the looks of things! :thumbsup:
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By keifferone
pagemaster1993 wrote:Love them. I'd cuddle him, but stay clear from her.
AMEN!!!!!!!!!! CREEPY CREEPY CREEEEEEEEEPPPPPPYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By Ajax
There both awesome, is #6 a unique creation or based off something?
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