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We have Jack's maniacal thug from 1989, we have Heath Ledger's psychopathic anarchist from 2008, we even have Mark Hamill's digital doppleganger from the video games of Arkham. That leaves only one. The one I grew up with.

The O.G. Clown Prince of Crime: Cesar Romero


He was the oldest Joker to date (he was 59 when the TV show was on). He was also a true pimp (Romero never married but made frequent appearances at Hollywood events escorting otherwise unattached actresses such as Joan Crawford, Linda Darnell, Barbara Stanwyck, Lucille Ball, Ann Sheridan, Jane Wyman, or Ginger Rogers, via Wikipedia). He had enough clout that he refused to shave his moustache. So the makeup department just smeared the white makeup directly over it.

They even gave him a nod in the 2008 Bat-flick.


Don't know about Cesar Romero? Well if you have 42 minutes, check this out.

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By Euri
YES!! I'm a big fan of the '66 Batman series. I've carved every other Joker and Cesar Romero is definitely missing from his peers! I would LOVE to see this take place with the rest of the ZP offerings.
Cesar would be great, but I'd go for Pengy(Burgess Merideth) or the Riddler(Frank Gorshin)(sp?) also. I have Heath as the Joker in my stables, and don't want 2 of the same character. Although Heath in foam & Cesar in Real would be ok!...geez...maybe Jack , Cesar & Heath...!
By Ajax
Id so be on board with this would also love to see it paired with adam west as batman.