Request a pumpkin pattern or critique the current collection.
By maegnus
Though it would be crazy hard to make, a bumblebee face pattern would be VERY recognizable.

I would love to see a classic G1 Optimus Prime face. We know Ryan has a soft spot for the 80s.
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By keifferone
A G1 prime would be cool. But Grimlock would be cooler. :D
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By sloaner
Well that's just prime! :lol:
By ZPjames
I think a transformer pattern would be great. The third movie comes out on DVD today so it would be nice to have one. A friend of mine is the biggest transformers fan and it would be cool to make a pumpkin for him :P
By Ajax
Looks like this forum hasnt been updated in a while. I would love to see a bumblebee or optimus prime pattern. New movie this year. Anyone picking up the G1 transformers at walmart?
By Ajax
I'm pretty sure Bumblebee or Optimus primes faces would be doable.