Trading tips for gutting, transferring, and carving the real thing.
Hi, new here.

So, my love for carving has actually peaked in my adulthood. I find that kind of interesting. Anyway, I have started to do intricate patterns the past years, and this is my first time attempting to scrape away the skin on some parts. (If that didn't make sense, not cut all the way through, but enough to let the light shine through). I am not sure the proper/best tool for this.

Note: I am not looking for electric tools - too worried I'll make a colossal mistake.

Another general worry of mine is actually cutting through the pumpkin while scraping.

If you could link me to specific tools online, that would might be best for me, or if you can give me great specifics about a tool I can pick up at Home Depot that would work, too. My search for "groove cutter" has made me more confused by all the results that show up.

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Another request: I am actually using a picture and trying to make my own pattern in Adobe Photoshop from it by filling colors for cut/scrape. I found a tutorial about how to do this, but if you have one of your own and want to share, that'd be great.


Kristen :)
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By Mistress_of_Halloween
Try Googling the words Sculpting Tool. I have a tool that loops that I can use for shading pumpkins.
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By CombichristGirl
i agree also look up pumpkin shading tutorials. there are a bunch of different things you could use like a linoleum sculpting tool or wood carving tools and even some clay sculpting tools. if you were willing to try electric. you could get the pumpkin dremel and just get a little tiny pumpkin to test it with and mess around with, to get the feeling for it. :)

as for photoshop what type of image are you working with? a cartoon, a real person, a dog, a car?
By lovestrong
Hey, CombichristGirl, I actually just posted the pattern I created on a new post. Maybe you can take a look.

macntosh wrote:Speedball Linolium tools work great, any art supply store should have them and so does Amazon, if ZP doesn't carry them. :shock:
These are exactly what I use, they are amazing. They have interchangeable tips for different scraping, gouging techniques.