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M. Night Shyamalan kinda has a bad name now, but he's also done some good movies. Even some more recent things he's worked on have been interesting. Plus, I'm sure he's not writing/directing all the episodes, so who knows what the quality will be like.

Other things to consider about this Tales From the Crypt reboot though... it will air on TNT but HBO owns the rights to the Crypt Keeper puppet character. So don't expect the same creepy host introducing the show. John Kassir is the voice behind the HBO Crypt Keeper and he said this on Twitter: "I'll go on record, Crypt Keeper as we know him is more popular than ever & it'd be a sham/shame not to have him host the show!!!!!"

But Shyamalan tried to calm fan's fears by saying that there will be some version of a Crypt Keeper: "I'd never make Tales without the CK! Will be a new take on him as the puppet is property of HBO. Promise he'll be cool and dark!" Rumors suggest an old man in a hood, holding a cane, telling the spooky tales from beside a fireplace.

Also, the show format may be different. Rather than weekly anthology stories like the HBO show, the Tales from the Crypt reboot could see something more attuned to American Horror Story, with thirteen episodes telling one story throughout the season.

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Having not watched any of the previous Tales From The Crypt. I can walk in with a more open mind. However seeing what M. Night... did to The Last Airbender. :thumbsdown: Hopefully it turns out great, and hopefully I can watch the old ones too sometime.