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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Each year I create a new illustration of a Zombie Pumpkin. These little guys serve as the mascot for the season, appearing on the site, t-shirts, fliers, and maybe even haunting your nightmares.

They are often some visualization of that year's theme. For example, for 2009's "Dawn of the Zombie Pumpkins!" title I wanted a warm design, to convey the feeling of the sun's morning rays. The heat idea eventually translated into design elements like hellish burnt scrolls licked by flames.

But back to the mascot, the face you see peering of the top over this page like breaking dawn on the horizon. I knew I wanted a mostly symmetrical face, to represent the rising sun. And a flame in his head was another idea bouncing around in mine. But the rest was yet to spring from my mind.

So as with most of my cartoon drawings, I just started with a very loose sketch. Drawing with my Wacom graphics tablet, I redrew the pumpkin face several times. Refining each new version, I progressively added more details, and made my lines more specific.

Once I was satisfied with the sketch, I retraced it with vectors, thickened the lines, added color, shading, and highlights. And just like that, another Zombie Pumpkin is born.

Check out the blog hereto see the step-by-step process that went into drawing this year's mascot.

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By paddy_babe
ohh is this the first blog entry? when do you start creating them / theme?
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By nosferatu
That is very cool. If you glance down them it creates a flicker book effect which is great. Its a very interesting insight into how the mascot is created.

It is easy to admire when you don't realise how much hard work and creativity has gone into the creative process. The achievement is even more admirable when you do.

Great blog too. I had noticed the other day that its virgin post had been published.
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By paddy_babe
I did the same nos, was great to see it evolve! just think, that hard work happens with each mascot.... fair play ryan :D

I didnt notice the blog was up and running, will keep an eye on it now for updates and new stuff :D
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By Dadja
I had been checking the blog quite often. Happy to see it kicked of, and what a nice way to start it! The pictures are great! I guess that's why I always fail at drawings like that. I can do sketches (poorly) I can do computer graphics, but I can't transfer from one to the other...
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By Tkaraoke
Now this is something I've always wondered about. Thanks for posting the info! :D
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By SaneInsideInsanity
I'm also quite excited to see the blog updated and love the insite into your mind patch master
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By jollyoljake
Great post, I love the step by step pictures! One question, is all the coloring/shading done in Illustrator as well?
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By gregh3196
I like the behind the scenes look at ZP. Ready for more from the patchmaster
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By paddy_babe
SaneInsideInsanity wrote:I'm also quite excited to see the blog updated and love the insite into your mind patch master
its dark and scary! lol joking... but we are getting into the patch master's braaaaaaaaaaaaaains!! :D :lol:
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
jollyoljake wrote:One question, is all the coloring/shading done in Illustrator as well?
Yep. Sometimes I'll sketch some color tests in Photoshop when I'm drawing something new, but I've done enough of these pumpkin guys now, they have all pretty consistent coloring and shading, so I just draw all the color fills in Illustrator.
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By CombichristGirl
i love it and love seeing it morph. i use the same techniques but not this awesome! :)
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
It's been tough to get the bizarre blog rolling with all the other duties on the site. I have a feeling the blog will really start to develop during the off-season, when there isn't much going on with pumpkin carving. Hopefully it will give you a reason to check out the site during the rest of the year, and it will be fun to talk about other spooky things I'm planning as the Halloween season approaches again.