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By mudd
ryan and silent zombie pumpkins strike back! manifest destiny of the zombie pumpkins.
figured i might as well say a couple of silly things to get my brain rolling.
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By nosferatu
Has this been resurrected again?

How about Zombie Pumpkin Cleavage (as in cleave: to carve) or Zombie Pumpkin Necropolis? ZP's R US?
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By mudd
hows about " seven deadly sins of the zombie pumpkins" or " seven year itch of the zombie pumpkins" " snow white and the seven zombie pumpkins" i think i need sleep, just had to get these out of my head.
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By SuperSonic
daughter of the Zombie pumpkins
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By purple1worm
How about " Spawn of the Zombie Pumpkin" ?
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By matspud
"Abbot and Costello meet the Zombie Pumpkins"

"Zombie v Extreme" :shock: :shock: :shock:

" Shopaholic and the Zombie Pumpkins" ............oh sorry thats me :D

"Pimp my (zombie) Pumpkin"

" The Rocky Horror Zombie Pumpkin"

" Zombie Pumpkin: Salvation"
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By nosferatu
Why am I still doing this?

Z. P. Confidential
Gourdy Gourdy Carve Carve
Zee Pee Top
My life as a Zombie Punpkin
Being Ryan Wickstrand
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By The Captain
Lesbian Pumpkin Killers
Race to Zombie Pumpkin Mountain
The Zombie Pumpkins in Connecticut
Drag Me to the Zombie Pumpkin Patch
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Fun titles buhdewsy, but they all have a pretty recent movie connection. I'd probably aim for titles that feel a bit more retro.... or would I? Hmm.

I can't say if anyone has guessed it correctly or not, but I can tell you that the title is already being printed on shirts, so there's no going back now! :)
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By sodajazz
Well this year it's the 40th Anniversary of Boris Karloff's Death but it's also Ghostbusters 25th Anniversary

Could you be using either of those for inspiration ......... ??? :roll:

Getting my thinking hat on :D

House of .......
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By nosferatu
Has Crypt of The Zombie Pumpkins been mentioned yet?
Zombie Pumpkins, ..The "Evil Empire"

(was listening to RATM last night)

Surf nazi zombie pumpkins (must die)

..for anyone who doesn't know this was a troma team film from the 80's ..low (schlock horror comedy) budget, some fantastic quotes within.

Taste some of momma's home cooking! :wink:
RETURN of the Redneck Zombie Pumpkins.

(redneck zombies ...another troma "classic" )

Line in the trailer "Redneck Zombies makes Dawn of The Dead look like Mary Poppins."
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