Provide your feedback on the main site (besides the patterns).
Hey Ryan,

Chrome is giving me an issue from my phone saying both the forum and the Main Site are both "unsafe" and that I should go "back to safety."

Any way to clear this up? My phone is an LG G4
Working on this. I'll respond when I have an update.

Also note that the message you are seeing is just a default security message that the browser will always show. It doesn't indicate that any specific threat is occurring. In other words, is not being hacked.

Also, we don't store any critical financial details. Credit card information is securely processed by PayPal at the time of payment, and is not collected or stored by in any form.
Update! It seems that it was mostly just a small portion of Chrome browsers with overly sensitive security settings were seeing the warning. We had to update the security certificate bundle to improve compatibility with more web browsers and clients. This allows them to recognize that we do in fact have a valid security certificate, and thus no warnings will appear.

Long story short, it should be working fine now! If you don't mind, try accessing the site the same way you did before, and let me know whether you still get the same warning or not.