Provide your feedback on the main site (besides the patterns).
Awesome i love it. Reminds me of the clownman stage in megaman 8. Wasnt going to order anything this year because by the time you get a tshirt and pin to canada its $100, but i just may the design is so cool. No new vip to launch the site :( are you still doing the new vips this year? I see that section was missing on my intial reboot. Great job love the art style one of my favorites.
I love it!!! :love: :thumbsup:

Already threw down my shop order (albiet smaller than last year due to the CAD being so awfully low).

Though I feel like here is the right place to ask if the V.I.P. category is returning? Or if as I saw on another post if they are being merged into each pattern category as they release.
chuckwagon wrote:Is there a link that I'm not finding for the VIP patterns? I feel like I've done my due diligence in trying to locate them, and haven't had any luck.
Not on the main pattern page but you can get around it. Look for one of the old VIP's in their new categories such as Yorick in unique creations. There will be a VIP link on that page. Or click this link.

I'm sure it will be fixed when new VIP's come out.