Provide your feedback on the main site (besides the patterns).
Its been brewing in that cauldron for some time but it's finally here. Looks amazing! Love that picture on the main page and the pattern icons too. :thumbsup:

Great choice of charity, The Michael J. fox Foundation. What a shame there are no MJF related patterns that we could carve :wink:

Great colour scheme and I look forward to more sections being revealed.
Boys! Ghouls! Yes, the site has been bewitched.

Now, please bear with me, with what me might refer to as a "soft launch." Rather than an "every single thing is totally ready, let's announce it to the entire world at once" sort of launch.

The goals with this version of the site (and reason for many of the challenges) was to provide a better, more reliable experience across all platforms. This includes:
  • A responsive layout that works well on mobile devices. Try it on your phone! Everything should be easy to view and browse. No more pinching to zoom into a site with tiny text.
  • New technology for printing patterns. If you ever had a pattern print out too small, too large, all black, cut off, or mysteriously scrambled... I hope we have solved much of that. This change may not be noticeable for many you, unless you're one of the poor Firefox users who recently experienced crashes from attempted printing. Those people are in luck, and so is everyone, because you no longer have to install the Flash plugin to print patterns.
  • Another benefit of not using Flash: you should be able to print from your mobile devices now too. So the next time you're sitting at the kitchen table with your family, surrounded by cut open pumpkins, you potentially don't even have to go to the computer room to pick your patterns. You can browse and print patterns right on your phone. Or tablet. Or phablet. Or tablone.
I'm sorry there isn't more "fun" content for pure "entertainment" on the site right now. Galleries and contests and poems and fan art and all that fun stuff WILL be back. Much will have to wait until after Halloween unfortunately. But that's just something we can look forward to during the off-season slump.

In terms of the remainder of October 2015, it was important to make sure the key features of the site were working, so people can pay and positively print pumpkin patterns promptly. Ultimately that's what we want, right?

Please browse around and share your feedback, good or bad. I want to know what you like or would prefer instead. And most urgently, let me know if you spot any strange behavior so I can fix it!
Yes, yes, YES!!!! I'm so excited! What better way to wake up way too early on a Saturday morning, than with the launch of the new site! I need to go check it out a little more and see what changed. I love the fact that printing from mobile devices is possible. :thumbsup:
It looks fabulous!!!!! Love the new format!!! I knew it would be worth the wait!! Must go explore the coven!!!

Nicely done Ryan!!! Thank you for letting me print from my tablet and phone. Or phablet or!!!!
I love it, the colours and design are so nice! No wonder it's taken you so long with the big changes you've made, tablet and mobile support will be very useful :thumbsup: The witch, a human mascot along with the ZP one! Is that a first? I love the new patterns layout/interface it's much cleaner, especially on mobile :) The 2015 charity is a fantastic choice too!

Thanks and congrats. to you Ryan for launching yet another wonderful iteration of our beloved Zombie Pumpkins :D
:D :D :D Ryan, you just kick started my Halloween!! Love the look and the charity! Well done and I have no problem with new stuff coming along after Halloween. Good way to make winter less awful. I'll keep watching for that mug to show up in the shop but will go ahead and place my sweatshirt, etc order anyway.
Site looks awesome and the new features you added are very worthwhile and worth the wait. I hated having to turn my laptop on when I could just print from my iPad . Who's the girl? Story there or just a paid model? I think that's a cool image. Great soft launch can't wait to see the galleries and extras you add after Halloween but for now please just focus on the patterns :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: Amazing as usual.
Looking great Ryan! Worth the wait, and for me everything seems to be working perfectly fine.
Love the mascot, the colors, the changes you have made, it's perfect!
(and just a small question, did anyone else turn of their computer, and restart it to check if the sitelaunch was real? :wink: )
I slept in this morning and look what I missed!! Well, ok, I didn't really miss anything but I would have gotten up much earlier for the new site! I haven't really explored but rest assured I'm about to. So far from what I've seen, it looks fantastic!!
Ajax wrote: Who's the girl? Story there or just a paid model?
This was my first question, too...and who did her makeup because she looks awesome! :thumbsup: