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It's time to spell it out for you. Although some of you already guessed, because my hints were rather on the nose. The bewitching new theme is...


Congrats to alyssaSF who guessed "Coven" back on August 11, 2015! Alyssa, you can pick any item from the Shocking Shop to be your free prize! I'll also email you about this.
Wow, this is just amazing. :shock: Well done, Ryan!! Witches is the theme at our house this year and we just finished our bubbling cauldron yesterday. Love, love, love it. I'll be ordering sooo much stuff from the shop!
Lovin' the coven.

Where can I get back editions of "Pumpkins, Patterns & Potions"? Is it available on Kindle?

Thinking it would be bewitching to have a witchy icon.
Love the mascot! I look forward to seeing each year how every mascot defintely has it's own look but all the similarities to fit in the family. I'd say the is the old family matriarch. :wink: I've already got my Monster Harvest secure!
Of course, naturally, I LOVE IT!!!!!! I am a fan of all things witchy! Maybe I will get my Grand High Witch this year. Bravo, Ryan! Fantastic work! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: