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By Lala
Mayor of Haddonfield wrote:And I'll raise a beer! Here's to the new patterns and eventual new site!

Sam Adams Octoberfest anyone? :thumbsup:
I'm having Eggnog...and rum. It's HALLOWEEN Eggnog, there is a witch on the carton! :lol:
in Halloween style I'll raise a shot of toffee apple sourz haha (serious uk minions need to try it, it goes down quite easily :lol: )

See the delay works out quite nicely, we are all excited and giddy in anticipation, then we will start to dip and wonder "when is it going to happen" we will start to feel disappointed and BOOM the reveal and back up to giddy!
Raising my mocha latte mug and a pumpkin whoopie pie too!  The excitement continues, love the anticipation!  Where did you find the Halloween eggnog, Lala?!  That's a must have for my daughter.
matspud wrote:It WILL be today :twisted: :-D
I really hope your right. Right now it doesn't quite feel like Halloween is 27 days away. Once the site is launched, then it should start feeling more like the Halloween season.
Hottie McNaughty wrote:
zombombie wrote:I don't mind the late site launch, stuff comes up and that's absolutely fine! I just worry I won't get my t-shirt in time for Halloween!!

I know! I wanna buy my loot, dangit!
Who buys loot? ;)
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