Provide your feedback on the main site (besides the patterns).
Zombie Pumpkins! wrote:
purple1worm wrote:Ok here goes nothing before time runs out... my guesses:
1- Lore of the zombie Pumpkins!
2-Denizen of the Zombie Pumpkin!
3-Warlock of the Zombie Pumpkins!
Elsewhere you mentioned...
purple1worm wrote: 1- Lore of the zombie Pumpkins!
2-Clan of the Zombie Pumpkins!
3-Denizen of the Zombie Pumpkin!
So I'll assume that you want "Warlock" as your third guess, and not "Clan"?
I realized after That clan was already taken and That post was in wrong thread, I guess I'll stick with warlock.
I think its going to be witch themed too, it's a shame I re-used my guesses from last year and didn't wait till more teasers were released but it still is exciting to see who will win and what the name is :)
sodajazz wrote:Been somewhat distracted this year, but better late than never
going to throw in some guesses but I think the new site name has already been chosen going by the clues ...

I agree Soda. I think it had already gone well before I put my choices in :-) ( doesn't stop us joining in though LOL )