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By BigScience
Hello Patchmaster!

I was just wandering, do you already know what patterns and what order you are going to be releasing them to us this month, or do you make some patterns during the month as they are requested? Or both?


Daniel aka BigScience :thumbsup:
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
A little of both. When you think about the way that people request patterns at this time of year, and how I can feel sudden inspiration to design something... well, it would be too rigid for me to stick to a release schedule of pre-made patterns.

Usually I have some ready to go. Perhaps a bunch partly designed. Even more planned in my head. Gotta stay ahead so I can keep the patterns coming, of course. But so many are made in the moment as well. In the excitement of the season.

In other words, keep your suggestions flowing. If I see a lot of demand for something, I'm very likely to feel inspired to make it. Or if I have it in some stage of completion already, you can influence me to make the files needed to get it up on the site.
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By SuperSonic
zombombie wrote:I'm really looking forward to this years patterns. I've not had much time to think about what might be made, and there's not many patterns that I really want, so this year is an extra fun year for me :)

I'm pretty much in the same boat! There really was only 10 things I even wanted this year, and I had to really think about even getting to 10. The Xenomorph was the only thing I really want besides Eggman. :)
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By shaft28
Yeah Aliens Xeno...that's a homerun. Love it, will be my first.