Provide your feedback on the main site (besides the patterns).
S.A.M wrote:ohh taking a little longer to load this must be it, nope :(
SuperSonic wrote:I don't know if anyone has noticed, but the site has been lagging a bit as of late. typically a good sign :twisted:
matspud wrote:Rats! I thought this was it .............. the Main page wouldn't load properly for a couple of minutes :?
SuperSonic wrote:I noticed a visible lag when I logged on this evening. Here's to hoping its today or tomorrow!!
April May wrote:The site was running suuuuper slooow and I thought this was it. Either there's some renovations going on, or all of us obsessive night owls are bogging down the server. :lol:
paddy_babe wrote:I nearly had a moment because it was loading super slow and loaded the middle pic first.... then slimer..... then the bottom writing..... and basically wouldn't load the ZP banner, minion and side bar until the last minute.
All these comments about the site loading slowly... I don't mean to imply that you're all imagining things, but I do wonder if there's some power of suggestion involved here. Maybe you think that changing the website will make it load slow, you will be looking for any hint of that happening?

Sure, depending on your internet connection strength at any given moment, your mileage will vary. But I just wanted to assure you that the servers I use are strong and shouldn't bend under traffic strain or site remodeling.

In fact, the way we have it set up now, switching the site to the new design is pretty much an instant and seamless process. It's like flipping a switch basically. When it's ready, that switch is hit and instantaneously everyone should see a different site, all at once.

Because of this, I had the confidence to launch in the evening this year, even knowing that a lot of eyes were on the site. In the past I used to launch in the wee hours of the morning, so that any strain caused by the site swap wouldn't affect many people. But now it's a snap. :thumbsup:

alyssaSF wrote:Ok, I think I may have noticed a tiny difference on the main site. On the new slimer pattern where it says "2014" in the corner, I believe it is a new font and color than it has been.
ghostface wrote:Uhhhh guys. I have the site bookmarked on my phone, so when I went to check the site one last time before I headed to bed, the icon changed from Laboratory to the new mascot!
Ajax wrote:VIP pic changed!!! :thumbsup:
Ajax wrote:Our new little buddy is now on twitter
paddy_babe wrote:LOOK ON FACEBOOK LOOK ON FACEBOOK!!!!!!
Haha, you guys don't miss a thing, do you? You noticed all the subtle changes to images that were seeping through from the new site. There are some common files between the old and the new site design. So right before launch, I had to swap out these files, which then showed on the site you could see. I thought I could slip it by you, but.... eagle eyes you all have! :lol:

Anyway, thank you all for your patience with the launch this year. Always takes longer than expected, but I said September, so I meant September! Hahah. And as usual, I enjoyed all your funny comments, urging me to stop playing video games (promise I wasn't!), playfully guilt tripping me, and nudging me to do what I do. Your excitement and encouragement fuels me through the hardest parts of the work.

Congrats to punchi for guessing the date. I'll be sending you some free goodies soon. :)
I think it is just fun to speculate that ...... maybe....... possibly,,,,,, it might be soon hence jumping on anything we see as "unusual" around launch time. :D Anticipation does weird things to the mind :-) We don't really care that it actually means NOTHING if a page loads slowly for a change, apart from our connection has had a blip. It says a huge amount about your site that we ( adults in the main) get so excited that we see clues in the slightest thing. (Its like waiting for Santa - we all know we heard those bells and the reindeer landing lightly on the roof don't we :-P ). Thank you for bringing out the kid is us all and congratulations on another amazing year. x
Oh yeah, absolutely... the speculation and jumpiness is part of the fun. Your anticipation and watchful eyes make it fun to purposefully leak teases that I know you'll see. And it gets me excited for the launch too. It inspires me to make the design and content as good as I can, so it hopefully makes it seem worth the wait.
Its ALWAYS worth the wait :D It is so hard when the anticipation of the relaunch is looming and you can't help but check back constantly, but the rush when it is changed and up and running is amazing, Its like a buzz! Its an official start of Halloween in our household :)=

Oh I didn't know that about the slow website, it must be wishful thinking! Well the cat is out of the bag now, what are we going to obsess over for next year? ;) :lol:
OK so the new site looks amazing! I love the color scheme. I recently moved from my apartment in San Francisco and bought a house up in Santa Rosa and have been so busy with the move that I haven't had time to look at the site for a while. I love all the new patterns so far!

Also, just a bit of fun trivia for you guys: they filmed a good portion of Scream up here in Santa Rosa. Cool, huh? :D
I was out eating at my favorite bar, and was a few glasses of wine in when the site launched. I made loud squeally girl sounds, most likely amplified by the alcohol, and had quite a few people staring me as bounced up and down in my seat while making flailing Kermit arms. Winning is awesome, but the best thing is having new things to carve!!! :D
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