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Guess the 2014 Zombie Pumpkins website title!
Winner will receive their choice of one item from the Shocking Shop (including any of the new items to be launched in September 2014).

The naming format for the titles is usually "_______ of the Zombie Pumpkins!" You fill in the blank. Each forum member is allowed up to 3 guesses. When the title is revealed in September 2014, the winner will be the person who posted the correct guess first. So guessing early has its advantages. So does guessing closer to the relaunch, as I will post teaser design images and other hints that might make the guessing easier.

To give you an idea of what to expect (and what NOT to guess) previous site titles have been:

2003 - Attack of the Zombie Pumpkins!
2004 - Revenge of the Zombie Pumpkins!
2005 - Curse of the Zombie Pumpkins!
2006 - Bride of the Zombie Pumpkins!
2007 - Seed of the Zombie Pumpkins!
2008 - Night of the Zombie Pumpkins!
2009 - Dawn of the Zombie Pumpkins!
2010 - Invasion of the Zombie Pumpkins!
2011 - Spirit of the Zombie Pumpkins!
2012 - Age of the Zombie Pumpkins!
2013 - Laboratory of the Zombie Pumpkins!
Well, It's November 1st. How was everyones Halloween? Mine was wonderful. :)

My first guess is going to go to:

Rise of the Zombie Pumpkins.

I will reserve my other two guesses for later.
Ooh, all of these guesses sound like they would be amazing themes!! I'll have to do some thinking and see what I can come up with. :)
Zombie Pumpkins! wrote:I have a few ideas, but it's far from decided.
Is this a "riddle me this" clue? :lol: I'm still enjoying being stuck in the laboratory. Ryan subjecting us all to his pattern testing programme. I'll provide my ill informed and misguided guesses next year.
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