Show off your pumpkin pics and tells us about the experience.
Nightwatchman wrote:
Doh wrote:For is all about the tools. The better the tools the easier the carve.
I agree that the better the tools the better the carve, however patience is just as important as the tools are when creating anything . Take enough time that you don't need to rush your carving.
This. And if it just isn't working, put it aside for a bit and finish up later.
tough one for me...

David'kin from the LostBoys- one of my first artificial carves, the teeth were so tedious back then....

Mark Ingram- i was stressing so bad that the crystal ball wouldn't translate well in the carve

Clemson Tiger- i wanted the "fur" to look like "fur" in the carve...LOVED this one

Nick Saban'kin- the first one I carved for myself in a LONG time, so I was crazy OCD with it. After the "skin" was removed, I pretty much just eyeballed the picture and freehanded it.

ELVIS- carving his face gave me FITS!!! If you mess up the KING's face, it's no longer an ELVIS
staticfurball wrote:Are all of these on foam pumpkins? Can u realy do this with real ones???
YES and YES !

Yes these are All Foam, and Yes they can be carved on real kins.
Depends on the skill level of the Carver/Artist.

Here's a Real Pumpkin Carved by Liz Looney on my Site.


And Here's the Same Frankenstein Carved on a Real Kin (Also Carved by Liz)

Not going to lie, Frankenstein looks better on a real kin. The glow is much better.

Foamies though are economic with your patterns St0ney, they speak for themselves :shock:
By Joey
Some of these are seriously intense! So much detailed carving... o_o

My most intricate shading had to be the Hogwarts Crest:
But I haven't really tried any super intricate carving out patterns.
This one from a couple years ago is about the toughest I've tried so far. And it wasn't super successful...
I am just too old to start learning shaded carving, though they are beautiful works of art. I am a tradionilst and love the tradion of cut-out designs. Just old fashioned I suppose.

My best and most intricate carves would have to be these offerings.

Pharoah's Costume Party (A PM pattern from 1994)

Chinese Dragon (A PM pattern from 1998)
(I display this on an old turntable so you get the whole effect)
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