Show off your pumpkin pics and tells us about the experience.
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Ha! Love it. What a cute little ghost-kin. They're like little minions of the main mascot this year. Great idea!
Smart-arse :lol:

you fancy doing a tutorial how to embed 2 kin photos like that!?
By Ajax
Looks great and thats really creative I never would have thought of doing that..
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By mesmark
Ajax wrote:thats really creative I never would have thought of doing that..
Well, I had to beat you to carving something :D

The rest that we did for the day have already been done:

The pumpkin crop was pretty bad this year. A bunch of little, hard to use pumpkins. I had one of my decent sized pumpkins starting to rot. So, it was time to get to work. Also, there's just 3 weeks left, so no sense in letting the pumpkins sit around ...

My daughter was home today, sort of too sick to go to school but not that sick and so she wanted to carve a pumpkin.

Then came the cereal pumpkins:



Here they all are sitting out side with our new red/orange Halloween lights as accents:
By Ajax
They look fantastic, for some reason i'm now hungry for breakfast and lots and lots of sugar. Love the Trio and the jack looks great. Thinking of doing a few jacks myself this year just to pad the display. I did those for the first half of my life most halloweens and always loved them.
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By vibhandaka
Now I wanna call in sick to work and carve pumpkins! :) Good carves and I love your decor!
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By CorpseBride
Awww that Spirit Minion is awesome! Cute!!
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By Pumpken
Your house looks great with those wonderful carves. Tell your daughter congratulations on a great job.
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By hkzombie
Very pretty display with all of the orange lights! Your an awesome Dad because you didn't make your daughter go to school even though she wasn't 'that sick' :lol: I wonder what Mom thought about that....