Show off your pumpkin pics and tells us about the experience.
An experiment with colored fire. Is it magic? No, but I may have ingested some poisonous household chemicals to make this video. Hey, sometimes we must suffer for our art. :lol:

From the darkness of the Long Night the White Walkers came. Their army of Zombie Pumpkins is real, and the Night King leads them.
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Fantastic! I tried playing with chemicals and fire as well this year (I swear I wasn't copying you, I just now saw this!). My fire didn't come out as colorful, but it was still fun.
Raven, I saw your burning pumpkin, it looked hot! :P You had the outside burning also, which showed the outline of the pumpkin in a cool way. What chemicals did you use? I used a mixture of boric acid (for the color) and liquid methanol (for the fuel). These ingredients actually make bright green flames, which look awesome. But I changed the hue to blue in post production to fit the icy Night King.