Show off your pumpkin pics and tells us about the experience.
63 patterns onto 54 pumpkins! :surprised: Bravo, Mayor (and helpers)! I do like the arrangement, creating a path for people to walk, as they admire each one.

Is there a lot of thought put into the order? It does look like they have some themed grouping. I see a kid-friendly zone in front. Some horror monsters toward the back. And of course some obvious pairing and groups like.... Alien and Predator, or Ghostbusters and ghosts.

I even spy a Zombie Pumpkins logo, thanks for that! :thumbsup:

Also, when you're enlarging patterns, do you end up having to tile more than one sheet of paper?
Ryan, I do put a little bit of thought into the grouping and try to put all the kid themed patterns closer to the sidewalk and group the rest into categories.

When I enlarge them I do tile them onto multiple sheets of paper. The front door took I believe 16 sheets of paper which I then put together like a puzzle, taped together then cut out.
Your yard looks great! I love how it all looks together! I love a big yard display. The windowkins really set it off! :love: