Show off your pumpkin pics and tells us about the experience.
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By GeologySage
I saw the fake pumpkins on sale at Micheals so I decided I would carve a design and give it to my grandparents so that they'd have an easy to use jack-o-lantern each year from now on. I chose a Peanuts stencil with Charlie Brown and Snoopy looking at the moon.


It was quite a task... I knew it wasn't going to be easy cuz I had heard that the 'fake' fake pumpkins (non-funkins) were not reliable at all and was prepared for it to possibly break at any moment etc. I carved with relative ease but the shaving was difficult. I used a dremel tool to go at it. I left the shaved area unsanded to keep the bumpy, gritty 'dremeled' look cuz I thought it looked neat. I still have to sand the inside as a thick ring of foam needs to be sanded down to give a uniform glow to the moon etc.

Tell me what ya think!
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By Dragon
That's very good! I'm impressed. I have wanted to experience with fake pumpkins but I still haven't picked a pattern that I want 'immortalized' if I were to have it for quite a few years.
By taber
That's badass.
By Vampirelittleliz
I was look at those, and then I noticed a huge sticker on the bottom that said it was flamable. Kind of scared me. I mean, I know there a lights out there that I could use, but those get hot too. Sort of set me off about the whole idea.
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Most of the lights they sell for pumpkins don't get hot. The ones I have use LED lights (I sell these myself) and some use little bulbs like Christmas lights. None of which get warm enough to burn anything. Have no fear.
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By Wedge
I found out about the Michael pumpkins this year and have been carving like crazy with them. The best lights I found that don't get hot at all are the led lights. You can even get the onces that change colors. Very cool in the Tiki carving and a few others.
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By GeologySage
I used the lamps they had there that are just one nightlight bulb.

Though... for two of my carvings I intend on using their 'strobe' light and their multicolored one... We'll see how those turn out when I carve my real pumpkins.

What are all the different lighting options we have these days? I've posted that on the tips and tricks board.
By Black Talon
I knew I had seen this design somewhere before. Finally found the stencil for this in my stencil "archive"...

(Edit by zombiepumpkins: That pattern is still available on, so I'm guessing that the artist doesn't want other people to serve up the file in other locations. It can be viewed here.)
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By GeologySage
Hmmm, I got mine from

Interesting that yours has shading in different areas etc.
By Black Talon
Whoops... my bad. You collect so many stencils over the years you forget where / what site you got them from. :?